I’m offering lessons for beginners or lower intermediate students to learn or improve their knowledge of vocabulary in the following topics. Obviously, it’s better to attend all the lessons, but it’s possible to attend just some lessons as well, as they will be prepared so that new students can join in. Grammar will not be the main focus of these lessons, but it cannot be avoided. I will try to put emphasis on speaking and listening. Materials will be provided.

  • Where? Kubelíkova 5, Praha 3
  • When?
    • 23 July – 31 August
    • Mondays and Thursdays
    • 18:30 – 20:00 (6.30-8pm)
  • How much / many?
    • 12 lessons = 12 x 90 minutes
    • 2 – 8 students
    • 300 CZK per lesson or 3000 CZK for all

(If you pay for lessons separately – you only come to some, then it’s 300 CZK per one lesson. If you prepay for all the 12 lessons, it’s 3000 CZK.)

  • What?

2 lessons focused on each of these topics:

  1. Introduction (23 July, 27 July)
    • basic vocabulary to introduce yourself, give your phone number and email address, conjugation of “být”, “dělat” and “mít”
  2. Asking and giving directions (30 July, 3 August)
    • basic vocabulary to describe a location of something, ask for directions and give them, conjugation of some basic verbs (e.g. “muset”), numbers up to a hundred
  3. Restaurant and shopping (6 August, 10 August)
    • basic vocabulary for ordering in a restaurant and shopping, conjugation of some basic verbs (e.g. “pít”), saying what you (don’t) like, numbers (hundreds and thousands)
  4. Describing people, family (13 August, 17 August)
    • basic vocabulary for speaking about your family and describing people, basic adjectives and possessive pronouns, conjugation of some basic verbs (e.g. “studovat”), saying what you have
  5. Arranging a meeting, hobbies (20 August, 24 August)
    • basic vocabulary to say what time, day and date it is, arranging a meeting, saying what you want, can, must or like to do
  6. What did you do yesterday? (27 August, 31 August)
    • reading about some famous people from the Czech history, saying what you did yesterday
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2 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Czech in Summer!

  1. Jana gave me an excellent introduction to the czech language. I only attended 2 lessons prior to starting lessons offered by my job, but these lessons gave me the confidence to begin interacting using czech in cafés and businesses. Nice welcoming environment in Jana’s home.
    Thank you Jana.

  2. Jana is a great teacher. I had some lessons before but they were perhaps too advanced, with this course we went back to basics and I learnt much faster. There is a good variety of exercises and it is all of practical use (how to ask for directions, what to say in a restaurant etc.) It is nice to learn in Jana’s home instead of a stuffy classroom!
    Highly recommended if you want to learn Czech.

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